Yasalam Abu Dhabi

Yasalam, oh how we long for it! Year after year Flash Entertainment brings a bunch of top names in the music industry to the capital’s beautiful Corniche and Yas Island as a part of the entertainment program to go alongside the F1 tournament happening in the country at the end of the year.



In 2012 crowds of thousands flocked to the streets of Abu Dhabi and Yas Island to watch Nickleback, Akon, Eminem, Melanie C, Missy Elliott and Kylie Minogue perform their best hits. Since Yasalam is mainly devided into two venues: one is the Beats on the Beach, and other – du Arena on Yas Island.

Melanie C kickstarted the beach gig with a massive crowd pushing and dancing and having the time of their lives while trying to sing along to the songs most of them didn’t know. One doesn’t have to mention the amazing vocal abilities the former Sporty Spice has. She played for a little over an hour leaving the crowd perfectly warmed up for the guest of the night-Akon.

Let us tell you one thing, Akon knows exactly how to work the crowd! The crowd went totally bonkers the moment he ran out on stage wearing all-white outfit. As he was going through his hits, which included his recent collaborations with David Guetta as well as earlier works like ‘Locked Up’ and ‘Lonely’, the crowed grew imaptiently insane, with people dancing just about anywehre at the beach, be it a bench or top of the fence. One thing I personally found absolutely astonishing was when he got inside the air baloon and jumped into the crowd. It took Akon about 20-25 minutes to get back to the stage, as the crowd kept on rolling him away from the stage. Crazy!

Come the next day and me and my friends were ready for the opening night at du Arena, headlined by Kylie Minogue. Personally, I have seen the petite pop princess in a show before, however I didn’t know what to expect, since there was no major tour she’d done in over a year.

First, the set up was not as grand as on her last Les Folies tour, or even the X tour. The crowd was mainly of her true fans, with some even having travelled all the way from Australia just to see her perform. As the show started, Kylie came down the stairs wearing a blue full-body suit. She sang all of her greatest hits, literally performing her biggest singles from every album of her 25- year long career, including ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, “Can’t Get Your Out of My Head’, ‘Spinning Around’, ‘All the Lovers’ just to name a few. I was a bit disappointed she didn’t perform her latest ‘Timebomb’ as well as totally surprised how she chose not to do the show inspired by her latest release ‘Abbey Road Sessions’. Overall, however, the show was great, her voice was brilliant and she was as sweet as ever. Her sister, Dannii Minogue, was in the crowd too and even walked around the arena, talking to some of the concertgoers. What a fun, sweet and great night!

The other two shows we were lucky to see was Nickleback on Saturday and, of course, Eminem on Sunday. While Nickleback brought the rock house down to the arena and totally burnt through the night with the crowd engulfed in their musical flames and sense of euphoria, Eminem showed us all why we love him in the first place. The guy is an absolute prodigy! There was nothing one could do on that night except be at du Arena!

In the end, we, just like the last year, are extremely satisfied, happy and cannot wait for Yasalam 2013 and the artists Flash is to bring to the capital. In the meantime, scan the QR code on the left to check a gazzilion of pictures we took over the weekend while we are going to start preparing for that Metallica show in April.
Check out the gallery from the events below.

photos by Anton Rodionov and Flash Entertainment


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