Yas Superstreet Drag

The rumbling of stroked and highly tuned engines fill the atmosphere as the sun sets and the lights flood the strip, Yas Marina Drag Strip comes alive. Teams and individuals tweak and tune their ride for what is going to be a high output torque twisting event.


As the spectators took their seats, drivers were called to the start line to identify the time bracket that they fall under. Categories consisting of 11.5 seconds, 10.5 seconds, open, Superstreet, and 4X4 Superstreet were soon filled with the relevant participants. As the air continues to be filled with smoke and fumes, cars ranging from GTR’s way beyond the stock power to GMC performing better than your average pick-up truck, finals begin to narrow down and the three podium competitors are lining to see where they stand.


In the 4X4 Superstreet category Khalid Al Basti who drove a GMC took first place followed by Talal AlDoukhi who came in second place and drove a Jeep. Salim Chabbadi who came in third also drove a Jeep as well.


As for the Superstreet category, Hisham Ibrahim drove a Mustang and took first place followed by second place winner Salah Al Amoudi who drove a Porsche and Alaa Al Hammoy drove in a Camaro came in third.

In the 11.5 category Ibrahim Mubarak drove a Cadillac came in first, followed by Naser Al Mahmoud who was also driving a Cadillac and Mohamed Abdulkhaleq Abdul came in third with a Mercedes.


Salah AlAmoodi came in first for the Index 10.5 category, by Ronald Potts who drove a GTR comes in second with Fadi Tamour following in third driving a Chevrolet Lumina. As for the open category, Hisham Ibrahim goes home first in a Mustang and Salman Al Hail goes home second in a GTR trailed by Alaa Al Hammony in a Camaro

Yas Marina gives the opportunity to both amateur and professionals to test their skills amongst each other as well as push their cars to the limit while improving their driving techniques. The drag strip is well equipped with both safety features and emergency response vehicles that were on track and ready at all times.

Truly an exciting experience for both spectators and drivers.

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