Wonder Woman VS Spider Man

It’s better in terms of overall story, characters acting and plot but lacks entertainment value. That’s where Spidey is better. But when you look at other factors it’s not that great. Like there is no story. No strong plot. Also, I feel Keaton’s and Tomei’s roles could have been better. Keaton got screen time but lacked any of the legendary acting which he is known for. He simply didn’t get the chance. On the other hand, Tomei didn’t even get screen time. And overall its teenage drama like I have said before. Yes, this is a teenage drama of a superhero, so it’s not exactly as on the same level as some of the previous ones. Still, it’s a teen drama nonetheless. What makes Spidey good are the wits, cameos and Tom Holland’s acting.

Hence WW and Spidey are both different movies and both have ups and downs.

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