Why the Women on SUITS are Kick-Ass

Loyalty, profound personalities, and defying stereotypes. The women of the hit series SUITS embody all the above. Whether it is Donna’s outright sassiness, Rachel’s fortitude or Jessica’s austerity, these women have proven themselves to be not only significant characters on the show but also are a refreshing change to the men dominated corporate society. Following are the reasons, they are AMAZING, as told by them.


Donna Paulsen

Donna misses nothing and she uses this superpower to hold Pearson Specter Litt together in the face of any trouble the boys may create. Her efficiency makes her invaluable.

Donna’s self-assurance is inspiring and contagious. She never underestimates herself and doesn’t let anyone else do the same either. She is well aware of her worth and holds her head high at all times.

Donna tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. In a world where women are expected to hold their tongue, her honesty is refreshing. Furthermore, her sharp wit has often dissuaded Harvey from taking stupid decisions!

Donna is fiercely loyal to her friends and is always there to help them in their times of need. She can be trusted to always give sound advice.


Rachel Zane

She’s pretty much the best paralegal at PSL and has helped Mike and Harvey find last-minute loopholes countless times.

She faced down Jessica and got her to waive the “Harvard-only” rule AND pay for law school at COLUMBIA University.

She’s stuck with Mike through thick and thin, despite everything that has been thrown at them over the last 6 seasons, and this includes being separated by prison

Despite having a hot-shot lawyer father, she refused a guaranteed job with him and worked her way up the ranks with Jessica, another Black woman.


Jessica Pearson

What is considered a disadvantage in today’s society? Being a woman? Being Black? Not to Jessica Pearson. It’s far from easy to become the managing partner at a top law firm in New York City and she fought for it with grit and resilience to continue staying there. She knows who she is, and takes it in her stride.

She walks with an air of phenomenal confidence, almost as if she radiates power. At the same time, she carries herself with unwavering elegance. A classy combination.

Being Harvard educated, it is without a doubt that she is clever and thinks on her feet. She is no stranger to making hard decisions but does so with conviction.

She is respected by all, her enemies included. This is also because she is compassionate and shows her humane side. When she finds out about Mike, she doesn’t fire him herself but tells Harvey to do so. She also gives Mike a second chance.

We can’t wait to see more of them in season 7!

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