What Team Do you Choose? Marvel or DC

Stories with picture animations to compliment them are more commonly known as comics. The most famous of comics portray stories of superheroes and supervillains -they have a way with people, they bring people together, fight together, and support each other. In this current generation, there are two main companies that control the comic space – Marvel and DC. The question that follows is – which one is better? There is a major argument on who’s the better company, who has the better comics, and on what criteria does one decide it. I think, that on an overall basis, DC is better.

To all Marvel fans, don’t be disappointed, because I’m going to look at both sides of it to prove why I think so.



To start things off with DC, DC comics is a world-renowned company with a high standard of fans and money. In fact, they have been credited with the creation of comics, this proves that Marvel would have never have been founded if it wasn’t for DC Comics.



DC has also created some of the most famous superheroes like Superman, Batman, Flash etc. When people bring up comics, people think of DC because they were, what one would say, the originals. Marvel has recently made characters like Spiderman, Iron-man, The Hulk, Captain America etc, who are gaining popularity, but the legacy left by D.C. hugely outperforms that of Marvel.



Now, let’s talk about storylines, people might say that DC lost a lot of fans when they introduced two universes. There was pre-new 52 and new 52, but it has all been cleared with the Rebirth event. Some of DC’s most famous storylines include Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Earth on Infinite Crises to only name a few. Marvel tends to rehash the same story again and again with the exception of X-Men Days of Future Past, Civil War and Infinity War. In conclusion, DC tends to release better content and stories than Marvel.



Coming to the film industry, we can see that DC and Marvel have started to make films related to the comics and I would not be fair if I did not say that Marvel is way better at making films than DC, Marvel creates good movies with relevant plot lines and good casting. DC is trying, but it wasn’t working, until the record-breaking release of Wonder Woman. In the long run, this round is won by Marvel.

I would like to leave you with a quote from Flash – “life is locomotion if you’re not moving, you’re not living, but there comes a time when you must stop running away from things and you’ve got to start running towards something, you’ve got to forge ahead, KEEP MOVING even if your path isn’t lit, trust that you’ll find your way.”

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