Weird AND Crazy Sports Across The World

If you think you know everything about sport, think again. For you are about to be astonished by the strange, crazy and weird games from around the world.
Worm Charming Championships
Have you heard of the annual World Worm Charming Championship in Wilaston, Cheshire? It’s basically a competition where contestants use a variety of ingenious methods to try and persuade worms to come out of the ground. The world record was set in 2009, when a 10-year-old girl managed to entice 567 of the wriggly creatures up from the soil.
Muggle Quidditch
If you think Quidditch is just a fictional game then you are sadly mistaken. The broomstick-based sport may have originated in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books, but fans were quick to develop their own (more earthbound) version, dubbed Muggle Quidditch. There are now more than 200 colleges in the USA affiliated with the International Quidditch Association.
Sepak Takraw Volleyball
Imagine a game of volleyball where you can hit the ball with anything except your hands or arms, and you’ve basically got sepak takraw. Said to have been invented by the Malaysian royal family over 500 years ago, it’s particularly popular in Malaysia and Thailand.
Mud Olympics
Brunsbuettel, a small city in northern Germany, plays host every year to the Mud Olympics or Wattoluempiade. Hundreds of competitors battle to play volleyball, handball and other sports while immersed in the thick, sticky mud flats of the River Elbe.
Spa day, anyone?
Bathtubbing Competition
The unusual sport of racing in bathtubs, called bathtubbing, has been around for a long time. There are many variations, and there appears to be a few World Championships held around the world. The bath tub can be either propelled by a motor, or paddled like a canoe.
Finn Wife carrying
Finland is the birthplace of wife carrying, a sport which sees male competitors race along an obstacle course while carrying a female team-mate. If you win the annual competition in Sonkajärvi, Finland, you supposedly are awarded the weight of your “wife” in drinks.
Japanese Performance Wrestling
If you’ve always dreamed of seeing Japanese-style monsters wrestle, look no further than Kaiju Big Battle. The sport-cum-performance art was invented by Boston students, and involves players taking on a range of extravagant personalities from So Feng (a Viking-style superhero) to Dr Cube (an evil plastic surgeon) to do battle in an arena.
Scottish Caber Toss
This Scottish sport goes back to the Celtics. One family elects a man to carry a 20-foot log and throw it as far as he can. Lots of Scottish jokes have been made using this sport. This is one of the many competitive sports of Scotland. This sport has caused a couple of fires because, every now and then, someone throws the log so high and far that it hits an electric pylon.
Unicycle Football
You don’t get a coin-toss at the start of a unicycle football game; instead, there’s a “unicycle joust”, using boxing gloves on long sticks. The sport was born in Texas in 1998, and there are now eight teams that compete in the Unicycle Football League.
World Chess Boxing Organisation
The perfect sport for those who are both brawny and brainy, chess boxing sees competitors alternate rounds of boxing and chess. The World Chess Boxing Organisation has been inspired by a science fiction graphic novel, and has managed to become a big hit in London and Berlin.
Dog Surfing Competition
No, you’re not going mad—that really is a dog on a surfboard. Every year, dogs of all shapes and sizes are taken to Imperial Beach in San Diego, California to take part in a surf
dog competition.

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