We Dare you to the Treasure Chest Challenge

Seven of our boldest and toughest writers were sent on a mission … to locate and devour the biggest dessert in Dubai. Dubai’s Treasure Chest uncovered at Serendipity 3 was our identified target. We were committed. We planned our strike, ran a few laps and even skipped lunch… but nothing could prepare us for the massive monster of a dessert that awaited us…We’d heard myths about the mammoth sized portions at Serendipity 3 and they were all confirmed when The Dubai TreasureChest (350 Dhs) made its appearance.

There was a moment of silence while we stared at it for a full 10 minutes. Three generous slices of chocolate, red velvet, and carrot cake layered with cream cheese made up the base. Every bite was phenomenal. Between each slice, you’d find a colour sprinkled waffle cone brimming with whipped cream, M&Ms, fried Oreos, berries and chocolate bits while whirls of whipped cream capped with a cherry filled every space. But that wasn’t it. Crowning this entire dessert was a chocolate treasure chest… and the treasure? A dozen scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Queue the heavenly choir sound effects please (aaaaahhhhhh)

We challenge you to visit this perky restaurant located at Citywalk 2 Dubai, freak out on their endless supply of desserts and share your experience with us!


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