Wave Trip

From the creators of ‘Bad Hotel’ Lucky Frame Limited, this app is something to behold. It’s a 2D arcade where all one has to do is tap on the right and left sides of the screen, while avoiding obstacles and collecting weird geometric shapes the app calls “coins” to save friends. Lost? So were we. What makes this app different from any other? It’s all about music. You see, every “coin”is a sound, the more “coins”collected, the richer the song becomes. It is all about creating music and enjoying the beautiful UI while trying to play a relatively-simple game. Another cool thing, it is impossible to die in the game. Instead, there is a minimum of points to collect in order to progress onto the next level. All in all, this app is for those who love music, creativity, great graphic design and some basic gameplay. iOS only, AED 7.29 

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