Water Parks around the World

Summer is now fully upon us, and while the consumption of water helps to ease the blistering sun’s effect on our bodies, there are other ways to more easily embrace this heat than try to run away from it. Here in Dubai, we are blessed with two of the region’s best water parks namely, Wild Wadi and the famous Aquaventure at Atlantis. However, while these are great, there are wilder, crazier and more intense waterparks in other countries around the world.


While there’s a fully functioning indoor ski-slope in Dubai, Canada takes it to another level with the World Waterpark inside the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. This sprawling array of slides collate to form what seems like the tentacles of an octopus starting from the ceiling of the park and reaching the park-goers all the way at the bottom. In addition to simulated surfing and a Thunderbolt slide, this park offers a zipline for any riders brave enough to feel the rush of a lifetime.

The Insano Slide in Brazil is crazier than anything we have here. Measuring at 14 stories high, the slide, aptly titled “Insano” takes the rider from start to finish in 4 mere seconds. It takes roughly the same amount of time to quickly tie a Windsor knot, which provides a scale for how rapid this insane ride is. This ride is similar to the leap of faith, but it’s the bigger, badder brother that instills fear in every rider.

Finally, Wet ‘n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida has a pretty impressive ride called “Brain Wash”. Looking a little bit like a washing machine, the ride sends people tumbling through the slide before plummeting them down a 53 foot vertical drop that can definitely leave riders feeling the aftershocks for some time afterwards.

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