Victoria Borasio: Actress

“I was the only child and I was very shy. So my mother was like, “gosh, you better get into acting or some-thing…”


It was a hot, regular summer afternoon, and as I sat at a new café in town sipping a cool glass of water, a friendly young lady walked up to me and introduced herself confidently. Dressed in black, her brown hair was pulled up, with the exception of a few curls managing to find their way lose – Victoria Borasio brought in an effervescent energy the second she arrived. Without wasting any time, the conversation started flowing and I slipped in the question that was on my mind since I had read about her – how did she manage to start her career at the age of five, when most girls were busy playing with Barbies or dreaming of becoming a pop star. “I was the only child and I was very shy. So my mother was like, “gosh, you better get into acting or something,”” she giggles. “And they sent me off to speech and drama class. I absolutely loved it. So that’s really where it started and it hasn’t stopped since!” Victoria did however take a short break from acting in between to go to dental school and become a dental hygiene therapist. “I did it to get a real job,” she says casually. “But, I always knew I’d get back into acting. When you love something you cant ever leave it!”

Fast forward several years later and Victoria has produced three short films, filmed seven independent short films, one feature film, a pilot for a TV series and a TV series for MBC4. Her career includes playing a role in ‘The Traveler,’ directed by Musaab Ag, which took her to Cannes film festival; ‘Half Way’ which she wrote, produced and starred in; and ‘Moments of Fiction,’ a feature film directed by Mohammed Mamdouh which she was also the lead in. All this, and she’s still a 20-something year old! Victoria does admit though, that when she first moved to Dubai, it was a culture shock for her! “It was so different from London. But now it’s changed so much. There are so many expatriates here and they’ve brought in a bit of their own culture,” she explains. Having said that, she also acknowledges that the industry here is still in its infancy and that competition is less. As part of the industry, Victoria aspires to do her bit to help it develop. “I’m currently working on a project with Make Business Hub called Make Cinema and Live Cinema,” she says excitedly as she sips some sparkling water. “We’ll be incorporating an audience into a live, living cinema event. They live the evening through being part of the film. This would help people connect and network with other people with similar interests,” she adds.


I then go on to asking her about her favourite role. “I like the messed up characters, the psychos!” she laughs. “It’s more of a challenge as these characters are so different from who I am. In the TV series ‘Checking In’, I was playing this wife of a paedophile and I was so violent; it was really the next level! I had so much fun playing that character.” Obviously my curiosity kicks in to understand how she prepares for such roles. “Well, you really have to get into the character,” she says a bit more seriously. “I just live in the moment. When I imagine myself in the role, I start living it under these imaginary circumstances. I imagine everything around me and by doing that, my actions and reactions start to evolve,” she says. Clearly someone with such passion and dedication has inspirations. “I absolutely love Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn,” she says, her eyes gleaming. Just then I notice how much of an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s look she has. Maybe it’s her black outfit, small fringe, big eyes and petite frame. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

I wonder about her spare time and if she has any at all given the many different projects she juggles. She laughs and tells me that she designs hats! “That’s a bit of fun. Hat-making actually allows you to create shapes and designs with your hands. It allows you to work with people on a personal level. It’s a fulfilling thing to do, and wearing a hat makes you feel so fabulous!” she laughs.

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