UAE Winner of the Red Bull King of the Rock

Emarati Qais Omar will finally get to live his lifelong dream of playing basketball on a global platform! Indeed, his goal is now reachable after he was crowned winner of Red Bull King of the Rock UAE’s Qualifying Finals on June 15 at a tournament held at Dubai’s Satwa Park.

His remarkable win will soon take him to Alcatraz Island _ (also dubbed ‘The Rock’) and located in the San Francisco Bay _ where he will represent his country in the USA World Finals, going up against another 63 international contestants hailing from 48 nations and 16 US states. Although winning the knock-out final tournament _ scheduled to take place on September 23 _ will be no easy feat, the ultimate chance to indulge in one’s passion for the game combined with an outstanding victory prize of $20,000 make it well-worth the effort!

In fact Omar actually began his quest for the title of World Champion almost 2 weeks ago; before even reaching the Qualifying Finals, he, along with a plethora of the UAE’s top basketball players, took part in a gruelling preliminary round to enter Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 on May 25 at Dubai’s Nahda Pond Park. Two other initial competitions were also held in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (one for each emirate) on June 1 and June 8, respectively.

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