Twelve Unsung Heroes of Westeros in the Game of Thrones

Most often remember and admire GoT’s regularly named characters like Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion but we often forget the wonderful characters who work behind the scenes, making this show what it is now. We searched far and wide in the universe of Westeros to find some of these characters and we found 12 such gems that we’re sure you’ll admire too as soon as you why. And here they are:

1. Podrick Payne

Who can resist that sweet face to the left? The word ‘squire’ would be an understatement to personify what Podrick was throughout the show. He had the same sense of loyalty and honesty towards Tyrion and later with Brienne, which significantly changed the course of their adventures. Let’s not forget his act of bravery when Brienne was challenged at battle with the Hound and Ramsay Bolton’s people chasing Sansa. Well done Podrick, we hope to see more. A squire who doesn’t want to kill his boss – a rare sight!



2. Lancel Lannister

From a knight with golden locks to a bald zealot, Lancel Lannister has a major transformation. He found God and carved a pretty intricate sign onto his head to pursue a righteous path after some incestuous relations with cousin Cersei. His confessions made Cersei, the cause of half of Westeros’ problems, pay for her sins through a psychological beating in a cell and her infamous Walk of Shame, giving her a taste of her own medicine. In season one, he discovered that Cersei was brewing wildfire underground but Tyrion didn’t believe him and ironically, he attempted to prevent it from exploding underneath the Sept of Baelor despite being stabbed in the back so he clearly deserves more recognition.



3. Missandei

What would Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and all the other fancy titles, be without her trusted translator and advisor Missandei? Well, Daenerys surely couldn’t have even dreamed of becoming one of the most powerful woman in Essos. Formerly a slave, Missandei speaks 19 languages fluently and teaches the common tongue to her lover (we wish) Grey Worm. She’s easily the most informed character socially with a deep understanding of the etiquette and traditions of every single culture in Westeros. She might not be a fighter hero but you don’t expect anything less than greatness from her.



4. Gendry

Aria’s hero and a very underestimated character in terms of importance we would say. Having been Robert Baratheon’s only living bastard, Gendry could’ve had a huge role in changing the fate of the Iron throne. When Lord Bolton had as much faith Gendry as he did with Ramsay Bolton, we see why Gendry should single-handedly claim the Iron Throne. The odds of that are highly unlikely with his absence but tell us what else can we predict for Gendry who was rowed away in a boat seasons back and it’s not fair to have never talked about him again. We hope to see his reappearance along with a glimpse of that shirtless bod too!



5. Myrcella Lannister

Myrcella didn’t deserve to die, she really didn’t, especially not poisoned by Ellaria for her family’s sins. She was loved by everyone and embraced Jaime as her father, which made her last scene truly rewarding. Without her, the Lannister family did crumble as expected. Myrcella, just like Tommen, was an innocent child that paid for her family’s sins during the War of the Usurper and that wasn’t right. Despite initially not wanting to leave to Dorne for her arranged marriage to the prince, she faithfully accepted the union and loved him regardless. She was too sweet a character to be killed off for such a petty reason.



6. Waif

The Waif’s constant pestering of Arya disqualified her from entering any ‘favourite character’ lists. But it is her who made Arya who she is today. Jaqen and the Waif’s good cop/bad cop routine pushed Arya to dig deep within herself and choose whether she truly wanted to be ‘no one’ or become Arya Stark of Winterfell.



7. Eddison Tollet

An old and very dependable character Eddison Tollet “Edd” has been around since season 2. At first, he was just some background Night’s Watch guy but he proved himself by showing the utmost and unwavering loyalty to Jon Snow’ as his colleague alongside Sam. And well, he’s now the Lord Commander taking up Jon’s position. He even dedicated a lot of time and effort into bringing Jon back to life. He has a fantastic hidden funny side to him too, because who doesn’t like that in such a heavy show? So, he definitely deserves more recognition.



8. Varys

It took a while to figure out exactly whose side Varys is on, and didn’t the answer surprise us all? He is as cunning as can be and possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of each individual player of the Game. Think of it this way: we wouldn’t have the awesome dynamic between Tyrion and Daenerys if it weren’t for him. Here are some gifs to show Varys’ sassiness which we can never get enough of. You can thank us later.



9. Tormund Giantsbane

In all his red-head glory, this wildling is definitely a fan-favourite and we were all terrified we’d lose him during the Battle of the Bastards. He’s been one wildling that has shown great morales despite his status, which was first shown when he dodged a charging Olly, he’s less evil than some other GoT villains such as Tywin, But, he pulled through high and mighty instead so let’s thank the writers for that. Let’s not forget a possible romance with Brienne that should happen, because you know, Jaime isn’t likely to survive along with several wonderful memes to follow.



10. Bronn

This absolute badass was probably the only person who not only didn’t try to take advantage of one-handed Jaime but in fact, helped him improve his left-handed sword skills. His on-point humour and constant ribbing of Tyrion didn’t hurt our impression of him either.



11. Syrio Forel

No one’s vigour sings the phrase ‘Unsung Hero’ for anyone more than Syrio Forel. An expert in wielding the sword, he was and still is the sole reason for Arya’s bravery and the immense self-defence tactics that she has acquired a long way into the show. His resilience and strong belief that one shouldn’t fear even death was always prominent throughout his lessons with Arya. Always remember folks, “There is only one God and his name is Death. And what is the one thing we say to Death?…Not today.” Indeed master of swords. Indeed.



12. Maester Aemon

For someone who was next in line to the Iron Throne before the Mad King, Maester Aemon was an incredibly gentle creature who supported Jon Snow’s rise to Lord Commander unequivocally. He gave up his claim to rule the realm before joining the Night’s Watch and served and guided them faithfully for decades before passing the mantle on to Samwell Tarly.


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