TV Show ‘This Is Us’ is #LifeGoals!

This Is Us, is one of those feel good television shows that make you appreciate family and the trivial moments of life. Packed with comedy and drama, this series consumed me entirely. The narrative revolves around The Pearson family and breaks into 2 distinct, but connected stories. One of the timelines portrays the story of a couple- Jack and Rebecca who were supposed to have triplets, but due to complications have twins and adopt a third African American child also born on the same day. It shows the family’s past and upbringing, while the other timeline displays the family’s present and how the events of the past have impacted and shaped them into the people they are today. Personally, the most interesting aspect of this series is viewing the family’s transition into the individuals they have become and the issues they continue to deal with. It brings their current situation into full context with their personal history.

All the episodes are widely relatable and the show brings to light messages that we encounter every day. Here is what we have learned.


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Life will eventually fall back into place after experiencing loss-

Whether it was the third triplet’s death or William’s passing or Jack Pearson’s death, this show is built upon the concept of losing loved ones and learning to carry their loss as part of your identity and strength. Various fundamentals in the story follow the pattern loss creates in our lives. When we face loss, it’s felt forever, but this drama is an exceptional example of how life falls back into place, even if it’s not the way we imagined it.

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Self-acceptance allows you to be the best version of yourself-

Kate’s character deals with issues regarding body image throughout the series. As she struggles to become the ideal body shape, the audience learns to value the importance of self-worth with her. In an interview alongside her fellow cast members, Metz (Kate’s character) mentioned that society’s constant notions of comparing ourselves to others as opposed to loving ourselves as we really are have made certain people very conscious of themselves. In a generation where looks have become the deciding factor of an individual’s worth or possessions, this lesson reverberates to all those who struggle with self-acceptance.

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Forgiveness alleviates us –

Randall, a character who has dealt with betrayal much of his life, is a prototypical example of how to react to it. He leads the perfect life- patient and hardworking in his career while being a loving and fun father and husband at home. He carries these qualities with him whilst dealing with family members who have disheartened him. The audience witnesses his capacity to forgive and restore relationships he could have long forgotten. As a result, we learn that when we forgive we start to view the positive qualities in that person or reminisce in memories and experiences encountered with that person, all of which, that makes us…us.  

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Our loved ones sacrifice bits of their life to give us the best-

Because this is a family show, I think the most important message we learn is how much our loved ones, specifically parents sacrifice for their children. In the series, Jack is a workaholic, who even stops work on his construction business (Big 3 homes) to continue earning the salary he gains from his desk job in hopes of giving his children everything. Additionally, Rebecca halts her singing career for most of her adult life to cater to the needs and wants of the children. I mean when a couple decides to have children they indirectly sign up for all that comes with parenting. But through the moments in this show, I just want to point out to be grateful and thankful to your parents who go through a lot to give you the best.

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Your family will always be there to love you –

The one theme this series definitely endorses is that ‘love isn’t perfect, but it’s still great’. Whether it was Jack turning any dull moment to an enjoyable one or Rebecca’s fierce protective nature towards her children, the series never forgets to portray the power of love in a family during any situation. The Pearson couple tries to be there for their children to the best of their abilities just like all other parents.

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