Tribute to Khalil Gibran by Ajman University Student in Geneva

A talent student from the College of Engineering, Ajman University of Science and Technology, Maryam Al Tamimi paid tribute the famous poet Khalil Gibran in a dedicated exhibition held at Palais des Nations in Geneva entitled “Kullana Ya Gibran”, wherein calligraphers presented their Beautiful arabic calligraphic work were displayed at the art exhibition held by the UN Arab Book Club. Representatives of Arab Countries visited the exhibition along with International Organisations based in Switzerland. The Arab Book Club’s aim is to promote and spread Arabic culture, literature, art and civilisation and to consolidate cultural and social relations among its members within the framework of international organisations.

Maryam Al Tamimi exhibited 4 of her best work which includes parts of famous poems by Khalil Gibran. She also conducted a workshop on the art of calligraphy for the visitors. Her work was exhibited amongst participants from four countries; UAE, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq. She was the only one to represent United Arab Emirates and Ajman University of Science and Technology. She appreciated the support Ajman University extended to her and encouraged her to participate in this cultural and art exhibition. Dr. Fahr Hayati, Dean, College of Engineering said that the University’s participation in this exhibition is a result of its keen interest in Culture and Art. We encourage our students to participate at such forums and exhibitions for it not only boasts their morale but also strengthens their ties to the outside world.

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