Tree Plantation Initiative at Marbella Resorts Sharjah

Our Earth is being ravaged under constant stress from the ever increasing population and pollution. Planting trees are still one of the best ways for people to overcome environmental hazards. The youth possess a great potential and spirit to change society. They can change any calamity into an opportunity. All they need is proper guidance and encouragement.

A group of environmental enthusiasts under the leadership of Humaid Habeeb engaged in a tree planting activity with the support of Hotel Holiday International Sharjah and Marbella Resorts Sharjah. The event saw over 80 students from different schools actively planting nearly 150 saplings in the hotel premises.

The event was organised in view of the oncoming World Environment Day.

“I feel each one of us has a responsibility for our planet. We are more aware of what goes on around us. We must apply knowledge in terms of keeping our world in a better state, towards working for a sustainable future,” says Hamza and Hamad Aamir, from Our own English high school Sharjah.

It’s important that youth are the ones standing up because of the fact that we do have so much to lose,” says Harith Mohamed and Hatim Maula.

We believe that organizing such events will lead to a system where our earth is respected and a more sustainable society is supported.

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