Tree Plantation activities at the Urban Farm Ajman


April 22nd every year is celebrated as Earth Day, an annual reminder of our responsibility to the Earth. One can contribute to a healthier Earth in multiple ways: plant a tree, pick up trash, purchase biodegradable products, and take to reducing, reusing and recycling. Planting trees is one of the most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment.

Green Globe marked Earth Day with a plantation activity at the Urban Farm in Ramada Hotel, Ajman. Members also engaged in an interactive session about the composter that recycles all organic wastes produced within the hotel and converts it into manure to be used in their Urban Farm.


Over 50 saplings and tress including lemon, pomegranate, papaya, chickoo were planted. Once grown all of these food items will be harvested to be used in the hotels kitchens. All Green Globe members were given a token of appreciation by the Ramda hotel Cluster General Manager Ifithikhar Hamdani.


Humaid Habeeb, the founder- chairperson of Green Globe and regional ambassador of Tunza Eco Generation (an initiative of UNEP) said, “I feel each one of us has a responsibility for our planet. We must use theresources in hand to keeping our world in a better state, towards working for a sustainable future, cause every action makes a difference.”


Green Globe aims to raise awareness through action. The environmental and humanitarian youth group stands for many causes and aims to give back to the society through their campaigns. Tree plantation is one such campaign.


Hamza Aamir, a Green Globe member said, ” Planting a tree and realizing that it is going to benefit many is quite an amazing feeling and I am happy that I am making a difference”.

Activities like these instigate the society’s interest towards the environment and create the sense of responsibility towards it. Green Globe aspires to undertake many more such events to reduce our carbon footprint.


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