Top Films 2000-2014

Have you ever wondered what makes a movie great? Is it the way it was directed, edited, the script, or do you think it depends on the cast? We sat down and decided to compile the top movies through the years of 2000 to 2014, based on various qualities that make a movie an absolute success.
Here is what we have compiled:
Devils on the Doorstep2000
Devils on the Doorstep (8.2)
The film by Wen Jiang is a dark mix of comedy, drama and horror, where the protagonist has to deal with a serious issue in a comedic manner while at the same time maintaining the respect and importance of the issue being brought up. The film takes the award for its humour in spite of the tragic situations placed. It was banned in China for its ‘political incorrectness’, however it is still one of the most popular Japanese films.

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The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (2002), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) In the The Fellowship of the Ring, the special effects are remarkable. If you have seen the film already, you will remember a scene where a massive wall of water reforms into the spirits of charging stallions. The Two Towers is even more intense than the first. Some films tend to have a little too much of a certain aspect, say the sound, or the emotion or the action and effects, which tends to overwhelm you. However,in this, everything is balanced to the optimum level, which impressed the audience greatly. The Return of the King was something people expected to be even better than the first two films, and it lived up to that expectation. It, of course, had the superb editing, the action and emotion, and it was realistically fast paced, despite the fact that the ending took so long to flesh out. Overall, this is a must-watch trilogy.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (8.4)
The romantic sci-fi drama by Michel Gondry is one to catch, since the characters play their roles in such a convincing manner. The message gets across to
you in a simple yet moving manner. The film, with its brilliant plot, moves away from the clichés of every other romantic film, and opens you up to a world of possibilities beyond. It has a refreshing originality in the way that the plot is revealed.

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Black (8.3)
This Indian film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one that ntouches you through and through. It instigates thinking, empathising and many other emotions people prefer to keep hidden. The idea behind the plot is one that isn’t a common issue to take up. A blind and deaf girl’s journey in life amongst ‘normal’ people, with acting that is so convincing that it makes you think that it is real. The
film teaches you a lesson of patience, of understanding and of failure and success.

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The Lives of Others (8.5)
A dramatic thriller by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc that engages you from the word ‘go’. The direction in the film is almost flawless. The almost lifeless look of the past East has been recreated in the film allowing for viewers to be transported back and to experience the surroundings at the time. The story has been crafted well, but the mood is something difficult to create and that is what has come through in the success of the film.


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Into the Wild (8.2)
Sean Penn brings the rare to life in this adventure film. In this film, we realise the power of writing. Everything created in the film is brought down to a real and human level for the audience to easily relate to. When you see something in the film, you feel like it is possible, or as if you have gone through it. The moral message through the drama comes through very clearly to underline the essence of the film.


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The Dark Knight (9)
The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan allowed the actors to express their talent sufficiently in the film. The special effects don’t overpower the acting style in any way. But you can think of the film as separate from its famous actors, and that there is so much more to it. Every shot, angle and size has been taken care of with great detail. A critic once stated that any kind of praise for this film would be an understatement.

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3 Idiots (8.5)
This dramatic comedy sets home in the heart of every person who watches it. The movie, while dealing with the issue of the education system, sets a comic relief that allows for viewers to understand the message between the words put out to them. The sound in the film has been enhanced to morph with the emotion. The film brings an awesome combination of perfectly matched acting,
sound, direction and shots. This takes the award for its overall performance.

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Inception (8.8)
Christopher Nolan is one of this century’s best directors. He is simply a master at leading the audience into a moral, scientific and intellectual world where we as viewers make our own judgement and decisions without being too influenced on the script’s point of view. We see how Nolan creates an edgy yet sophisticated film and has made it possible for us to watch, enjoy and actually experience the excitement, rush and jolts.

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The Intouchables (8.6) )
Sensitive issues seem to be the winning streak for this phase of the 2000s. It is easy to make a plot complicated. This is one of those that goes in the opposite direction—the story is surprisingly simple. If the other films mentioned here were films you could relate to, this crosses the benchmark. It is simple enough for you to want to experiment in your everyday life. The
writer of the film has crafted the journey of the story very well.


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The Dark Knight Rises (8.5)
Another Christopher Nolan film. Once again, this brings what we call ‘a true cinematic experience’. It is a long film with not one moment of lagging to it. The film tends to give you a dual
feeling. You understand and you don’t understand. You feel and you are not sure whether to feel it or not. The film, like the first in the series, is once again a reminder of the power of
phenomenal writing and direction.


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The Wolf of Wall Street (8.2)
Comedy and crime—a strange combination, yet it works amazingly for Martin Scorsese in this film. Like 3 Idiots, this is another of those all-rounder films. It scores in all senses—
direction, acting, shots, and emotion. The sound is lively and builds up the emotion to the right extent. While wrong is happening, you tend to encourage it to move on so that you get
to enter deeper in the plot. A captivating film through and through.


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Interstellar (8.7)
Again from Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is much more than just a sci-fi movie. Image and sound has a huge effect on how we see things and that is what Nolan has worked on with this film. We know that, even if you began to watch the movie with your full concentration you would get lost and forget where you were. Nolan hit luck twice, first when he revolutionised the superhero genre with The Dark Knight and then again when he did the same with Interstellar. These are a few of the most visually appealing films you will find from 2000 to 2014. If you’ve seen them and loved them,
you won’t mind watching them again. If you haven’t seen these titles, this is your chance to watch them.

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