Top 10 Reasons to Intern for one8one

We are the youth of the UAE and one8one magazine is our medium through which we share our ideas, thoughts and other talented people’s work. Here are 10 reasons why we believe you should intern for us!
1. Meet new people
People who intern for one8one are young, cool and lively. If you’ve ever feared being stuck in a room with boring colleagues, this environment will expel those feelings faster than you can read this sentence. Even our boss is hella relatable. There’s jokes in the air, pens in our hands and pizza in our mouths.
2. Be creative
We’ll make you think until you pass out. So you need to write an article on soaps. Mate, it’s not going to sell unless you work your magic and turn it into something like; ‘Did you know soaps were initially made by boiling animal fat?’ They want to know where you can find soap shaped like spiderman’s head and which famous movie featured the soap you use daily!
3. The Ultimate Workplace
Working at one8one is so chill, we have crazy art and sofas all over the place and music blasting from speakers. Your brain will literally jump out of your body with the kind of energy you find here. It’s the place that gets your juices flowing. Because it’s essential that your juices flow…
4. Experience New Things
You work for one8one, you work for the media, baby! That automatically translates into getting passes for all the coolest events in the UAE. That also includes reviewing new and upcoming restaurants, having a blast at entertainment/gaming centres and getting premiere passes to all the latest and greatest.
5. An Insight into Real Life Work
If you are a teenager like me, you have no idea what it’s like to get up at six in the morning during vacations and go to work. As taxing as it sounds, it’s going to be something you’ll look forward to. one8one allows you to experience what it is to work for a creative agency, and at the same time allowing you the freedom to sit down on the floor with a laptop in a circle with your colleagues who will soon turn into amazing friends.
6. Gain Work Experience
Just when you think it’s starting to sound too good to be true, here is where I stop you. Of course, there is work involved. You have to edit, research, write, interview, review, call, speak and persuade.
7. Potential to Get a Full-Time Job
If what you do is your thing and you’re in your element, being productive and producing quality work, you have a strong shot at being hired by the company and getting paid! If this is your dream job, interning at one8one might just get you places.
8. Boost your resume and gain references
It’s going to blow someone’s mind when they read that you’ve worked for us. It really does look great on a CV when you have a variety of interesting internships. Working for a magazine will help give your resume the push it needs.
9. There’s a place for everyone
You will never feel forced to work on something you hate. If you love fashion, that’s where you’re assigned, if you love eating, you’ll go around tasting food. You can do what you like and if it isn’t something generic, that’s better! Create your own category, we’d appreciate it.
10. We have Pokemons in the office!
As usual, we save the best for last. You never know where you’ll find a pokemon but I can assure you, I’ve caught quite a few in the office. If what you’ve read so far hasn’t convinced you, this definitely should!
As an intern, I promise you, it’s something to remember.

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