Tips To Become The Most Productive Person You Know

Do you know the feeling when you’ve sat at your desk for many hours, but actually didn’t get any work done? This can be frustrating. So if you want to become a more productive person, maybe these tips will help you achieve your goals in less time! But do keep in mind that productivity is more of a way of being, so you could also be doing less and at the same time, be more productive.


Daily Goals

Know the plan for that day before you start working. This helps decrease distractions. Set simple ways for the day, and then accomplish them.


First Things First

Conclude your worst or most important task first, and then clear it from your stack of work. This will give you a clear mind because you don’t focus on the most important task anymore. Plus, this will give you a ‘victory’ feeling for the rest of the day.


Get Out Of Your Own Way

You might tend to look at all the distracting factors of why you can’t be productive today and might complain and blame everything and everyone, except yourself! When you can’t ‘rely’ on these factors you might also use excuses to keep the work away from you like ‘I couldn’t do this because…’ These are all only avoidance techniques and trust me, the next time you attempt to do whatever it is, it will be there too. So stop making excuses, get out of your own way and get things done!


Talk To Yourself Differently

Productive individuals think differently than others. So challenge your thoughts and develop a positive mindset. Rather than thinking:
• ‘I am so stressed. I can’t even think straight anymore!’
• ‘Oh no, I have so much stuff to do! What am I going to do?’
• ‘I wish this… or that would happen’


Start Thinking:

• ‘What can I do to improve my current situation?’
• ‘What is causing the stress? And what has to happen for it to go away?’
• ‘I need to do x and y. What is the best way to get it done?’

The words and phrases you use talking to others or yourself have an impact. They can either empower you and make you feel better or, on the other hand, more stressed. So ask yourself how to change the way you think to be more productive!


Identify Your Time Thieves

We all have time thieves, whether we know about them or not. They are the situations, activities or bad habits that keep you from being productive, distract and interrupt you or keep you from performing better. So by identifying and changing some of them, you can achieve your results much faster and also improve them.


Adjust Your Time Managing

Time management supports productivity. But most of the people overlook the fact that what might suit you won’t necessarily work out for your colleague. So like adjusting the suit to your body when it doesn’t fit perfectly, you need to personalise what you’ve planned to your needs. (The same is with the tips given here) If some tips and techniques just don’t work out for you, find a way to adjust them to your current situation. Otherwise, you’re resisting a change in lifestyle. You can’t avoid it, so if you don’t like it, adjust it to your needs and make it work for you.


Catch The Worm

Get an early start and win the battle of the bed.This habit alone will strengthen your willpower for the day. Furthermore, it’s no secret that the more time you have available for productive work, the more you can achieve.


Peak Levels

Figure out what times you’re getting the most things done and schedule your high priority tasks for those times. Schedule less important tasks before and after.


Check Yourself And Always Try To Improve

Review your progress each day to find ways to improve. The most productive people are those who are honest about what they are doing well and where they need to get better. Also, constantly look for ways to improve your techniques and methods. Leave your old ways behind and be open to new ideas and projects.


While some of that information may seem familiar to you, keep in mind that common sense is not a common practice, so to keep and establish a healthy and productive lifestyle, you need to put some effort in it to achieve what you want! Also, this should only be an inspiration and it’s not about applying the best practices, but also to apply yourself more and in different ways.

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