Thrill Zone : Paintball, Lasers and an Epic Time

A smoky haze. Flashing lights. Screaming sirens. An army of determined teenagers. Just a small handheld laser gun to get us through it all.

Our experience at the Thrill Zone’s Laser Tag arena elicited a whirlwind of emotions in us ranging from terror to euphoria. At first, the idea of going into a dark room and shooting lasers at enemies seemed quite ludicrous. However, the moment we strapped on the embedded jackets and got our hands on the flashing guns, everything suddenly felt real. A few seconds after we were directed to our ‘base’, the lights went out and our senses kicked into overdrive. Our hearts thumped in anticipation and adrenaline coursed through our veins as our eyes adjusted to the dark and now, as sharp as eagles’ eyes, scanned for the slightest movement of the enemy.
Due to the short briefing we had received beforehand, we were aware that our aim was to attack and get a clear shot at the enemy base, fending off competitors by shooting lasers at sensors on their armour vests, located on their shoulders, abdomen and back and disabling their guns for a few seconds while we quickly forged ahead. Infiltrating the enemy base to shoot the heavily guarded sensor was like embarking on a suicide mission. However, the ultimate reward of a thousand points per shot made the impending risk worth it.
Getting to the base wasn’t only a matter of going in solo, guns blazing. We had to move as a coordinated machine, pushing through the enemy’s final line of defence, relentlessly pursuing that coveted shot that could win us the game. Now, there were several ways to go about winning – your team could assume a formation and hold it throughout the game or you could stealthily advance forward. If you were a bit more daring, you could try crawling in the dark and catching the opponent unaware. The feeling of satisfaction as you and your friends finally pushed through to the enemy base, the heart-wrenching sound of a fellow comrade calling for help, the bubbling laughter that arose when you bumped into your teammates in the darkall culminated into an exciting, action-packed experience.
The 15 minutes we spent in the arena felt way longer than it was and as we came out, drenched in sweat, we had seen more than mere shrieks and laser beams. It witnessed a wealth of learning – of teamwork and strategy, of stealth and undeterred perseverance. At the end of the game, we rejoiced, not only for the winners, but also for the little tumultuous moments that built up to an incredible adventure. Our experience at Thrill Zone was truly remarkable – so much so that our next visit is already pencilled into our schedules!
Location: Thrill Zone, Oasis Centre
Price: Dh 60 per person for a 15 minute session

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