Three Types of Selfie Takers!

Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Elon Musk is guilty of taking a selfie or two and now researchers at Brigham Young University have published a study on how there are three different types of selfie-takers in the world. The study outlined three distinct types of people – communicators, autobiographers and self-publicists – and this shows us the reason behind the selfies they posted, and why they posted them.

Communicators share selfies as a way to connect with and encourage discussions with their followers. One of the best communicators out their has to Leonardo DiCaprio who is a massive environmentalist and loves to lead conversations about how we treat the earth.

These guys use their selfies as a tool to document their entire lives, and capture all their significant moments and memories. The study describes autobiographers as people who want to share their photos in the public realm so that others may see them, but they aren’t necessarily seeking any of the feedback or engagement that communicators are. A great example would be the blogger and YouTuber Camila Coelho who regularly documents selfies of her daily activities, outfits, meals, workouts and travels.

People commonly think of selfie takers as egotistical and full of themselves, however, self-publicists form the smallest group out of the three types of selfie takers. These are people that genuinely LOVE documenting their entire lives on social media, so that they can present themselves in a positive and relatable way. We automatically think of Kylie Jenner for all the obvious reasons.

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