Things You Thought Were True (But Aren’t)

Remember these things you were told when you were a kid? Yeah, most of them are wrong. As much as knowing it’s a horrible idea to believe everything you hear, something you can’t help it.


Chewing Gum Stays In Your Body

The myth: When swallowing that chunk of Wrigley’s gum, your gastrointestinal tract has to deal with it for more than half a year.

The Truth: Paediatric gastroenterologist David Milov of Nemours Children’s Clinic in Florida told Scientific American that this is 100% poppycock because there is no such evidence for that. In reality, it only stays there for a week.


Nails And Hair Continue To Grow After You Die

The Truth: From the moment you’re dead, your hair and fingernails decay with the rest of you. This myth comes from the fact that skin recedes from a dead body, making your hair and fingernails appear longer.


The Five-Second Rule

The myth: Drop a biscuit or a piece of bread, and the bacteria will respectfully wait five seconds before getting down to business.

The truth: You could accidentally drop your toast in a tenth of a second and it wouldn’t make any difference, because floors are generally filthy. Salmonella can lurk in the cracks of your tiles, even if you have just mopped up recently.


Cracking Your Knuckles Gives You Arthritis

The truth: Several studies have found no link between the annoying habit and arthritis. (The cracking sound isn’t the sound of bones being mangled out of shape but the release of pockets of gas from between joints.)

But: long periods of knuckle cracking may contribute toward lower grip strength.


Fish Have Short Memories

The myth: As your goldfish swims around its bowl, its tiny brain resets the world every four seconds!

The truth: Fish are smarter than you think! Researchers from the Institute of Technology in Israel trained young fish to associate a sound played through a loudspeaker with feeding time. Each time they played a particular sound, the fish would return for food. And even up to five months later, they responded in the same way.


Dropping Pennies can Kill Someone

Because it only weighs around a gram and would tumble as it fell through the air, a coin wouldn’t actually gather that much speed.(Terminal velocity of a penny is 30-50 mph, which isn’t fast enough.) Thought it could hurt it definitely won’t kill you.


We Have Five Senses

We actually have close to 20 senses, including balance, pain, movement, thirst, hunger, etc.


Bananas Grow On Trees

They actually grow on massive herbs that resemble trees.


Salty Water Boils Quicker

Adding a sprinkle of salt to fresh water makes no difference. Only huge, sea-level amounts do.


Bulls Hate (And Therefore React Aggressively) To The Colour Red

Bulls are actually colour-blind. They react to motions of the bull fighter’s cloth as a perceived threat.


Wake sleepwalkers?

They’ll be really confused, but it’s okay. They’re more likely to hurt themselves if they’re not awoken.


Missing Persons Report

Police don’t demand a 24-hour period before accepting a missing person’s report.


Black Holes

They are not really ‘holes’ but hugely dense objects with a massive gravitational pull.

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