The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

shiver coverShiver, Linger and Forever are all three books in the ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls’ Trilogy published from 2009 to 2011. The books are narrated from the main characters’ perspectives, the first novel from the main characters Sam Roth and Grace Brisbane’s perspective, and as the series progresses more character narratives are added into the mix. Set in a fictional town called Mercy Falls, Grace is saved as a young girl after being bitten from a pack of wolves by a yellow-eyed wolf. From then on she lives her life in two segments- the summer and the winter – as a human and as a wolf. Sam Roth a yellow-eyed boy who was bitten at a young age lives his life alongside Grace under the protection of the pack. The story follows their woes and obstacles as wells as happier tidings. Aside from a somewhat similar plot to the twilight series, all three books encompass tragedy and romance and are a great read for when you have the time.

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