The Road from School to University

So you worked hard for countless years and finally got into university! Now what? The months between the end of your examinations and the start of a university are ridden with boredom, anxiety and excitement.

After a point, you will run out of places to go with your friends and shows to watch. In order to avoid the constant guilt of whiling away time uselessly here are just a few things, you can do to keep yourself occupied and use time productively.

1) Learn cooking
Everyone has heard of the dreadful “freshman 15” and cooking your own, healthy food is a surefire way to avoid it. Plus, it will save you money! For students who are going abroad, you can learn to cook some of your native dishes so you miss home a little less.

2) Travel
There is no better time than now to go on that backpacking trip you have always wanted to go for. Solo travel or even travelling with your family will be a great way to learn more about yourself. Travelling also allows you to escape the summer heat and see stunning sights!

3) Spend time with your family
With the hustle and bustle of classes and clubs, you will find little free time once university begins. Spend time strengthening your bond with your family by playing board games, taking trips and even just talking to them. You will be surprised by how much you will learn about your own family!

4) Volunteer
The UAE provides students with lots of opportunities to help people across the globe as well as in the UAE. Just some of the places where you can volunteer are Al Noor Training Centre, K9 Friends and AIESEC (a global volunteer programme). Volunteering will not only give you a sense of fulfilment but also make you feel thankful. It is truly a humbling experience.

5) Exercise
Ice-skating, cross-fit, rock climbing these are just some fun ways to burn calories. Not only will these help you get rid of those pesky calories but will also increase your stamina. This will definitely come in use when you are running from one class to another!

6) Internships
Internships help you gain valuable work experience and better understand the field you will be studying. In order to build relevant skills for your field of study, an internship is very useful. They also provide you with opportunities to meet new people and build your professional network.

7) Pick up a new skill/sport
Most universities have excellent facilities and opportunities for you to pursue the arts or a sport of your liking, therefore, use this time to learn something new that you can perfect while at university.

8) Reading
Reading is not limited to just fiction. You can read books that will better prepare you for your course or autobiographies of inspiring people. This will expand your horizons and definitely create a good impression on your professors.

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