Why not take full advantage of your height? Stop thinking about the negatives and focus on the positives.


Cheaper stuff
You probably buy your clothes and shoes from the kids section, which is much cheaper than the adults section. Also, your parents must’ve lied about your age as much as they could to get cheaper entrance tickets to the park and rides, etc.

Skip ahead
When the line is just too long, go in between everyone and no-one will even notice. This will probably save you a lot of time and energy. Plus, it will make you feel like a ninja.

High heels
Unlike a lot of tall girls who are always complaining about how they are unable to wear heels because it’ll make them tower over everyone else, short girls can wear whatever they want. Did I mention how chic heels can make an outfit look?

Power walk
Since you will have to learn how to master the art of speed walking to catch up with all your tall friends, you will become fit.
Centre of attention
During class photos, all the students are assigned their positions based on their height and that means being short will get you right in the front and centre.

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