The Litigators by John Grisham

grisham_the_litigatorsThe king of thrillers, John Grisham, has produced yet another story bound to entice a large body of readers. The plot is centred around the characters Oscar Finely and Wall Figg, the two and only partners and lawyers at Finely & Figg, a law firm that deals with more minute cases such as DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) and divorces. Through a decision to expand the firm, they invite in David Zinc, a young attorney who was kicked out of his former firm. And with him along for the ride, the two decide to tackle a larger case against Varrick Labs – a case that would make them rich fast without much work. If you enjoy thrillers, this is a great novel to sit down and be absorbed in for a good few hours. With several surprises within the plot, this story is sure to keep your eyes glued to the pages.

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