The Founder: Movie Review

This movie is set in the 20th century and revolves around the journey of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and how he transformed McDonald’s from a single joint to a large restaurant chain behemoth. The story begins by projecting what Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton) found employment as a milkshake mixer salesman for the foodservice equipment manufacturer Prince Castle. He eventually meets Richard and Maurice McDonald in a trip to their restaurant to complete their order of eight Multimixers for their store in San Bernardino, California. He is impressed by their measures to ensure quality control and on-time delivery. What follows is how Ray Kroc re-implements these principles on a larger scale using innovation, dirty politics, and hostile corporate manoeuvring.

The movie deftly uses drama, music and camera angles to give Ray Kroc a larger than life projection and intimately communicates the plot progression to the viewer. The movie is highly recommended for everyone as it is a brilliant drama, however, if you are interested in entrepreneurship or McDonald’s ascent to global dominance as a restaurant chain, it’s a must watch!

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