The Evil Within

SGRD_683_001_theevilwithinPlaystation4cover(PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC)


Known as Psychobreak in Japan, this upcoming horror survival game is sure to have gamers holding their breath. From recently released screenshots, the game is already gaining comparisons to other third person survival games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The plot follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners when they show up to a crime scene under an eerie presence.  After Castellanos is knocked unconscious, he wakes up in a parallel world inhabited by monsters. Now he must do whatever it takes to survive and ensure the survival of his partners.  The game’s primary focus is the single player campaign. With life like graphic and fluid CGI, all the efforts of Tango Gameworks guarantee that The Evil Within will have you jumping out of your skin this August.

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