The Amazing Spiderman 2

When Spider-Man was first rebooted two years ago there was a lot of speculation: would it be as good as the first series, or was it too soon for a reboot? Fastforward to 2014, and there was still some scepticism surrounding the second instalment. Would The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live up to expectations? 

It begins not long after The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter is still haunted by the death of Gwen’s father and the promise he made: to keep Gwen safe and well away from his dangerous, spidery, crime-fighting world. Harry Osbourn’s character is introduced which adds another dimension to the film as his fascinating relationship with Peter develops. Another intriguing character is the socially awkward villain, Max Dillon (Electro). He partially comes across as a character who the audience is supposed to feel sorry for, but this is somewhere that the film falls short as it isn’t quite pulled off. 

His chemistry with Gwen, however, is portrayed so well that you can’t help but root for them – even though you know it could end disastrously. The action scenes are also brilliant. They show off Spider-Man’s powers expertly and the slow-motion moments perfectly capture his ‘spider-sense’. The film also conveys how much he enjoys being a superhero and protecting people – it isn’t a burden for him, like it is for some other heroes. 

If the film has one failing it is that it may feel familiar to some fans. There aren’t many surprises to be had as the story has been explored thoroughly through open world games. This being said, it’s still exciting and entertaining, and a fantastic representation of Spider-Man’s character. 

by Natasha Aguiar


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