Ten Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Puppy

The UAE has recently introduced a new legislation to deter unscrupulous breeders from importing underage puppies into the UAE. This is because the country is currently over burdened with a bunch of perfectly healthy animals that are still patiently waiting for a forever home. Even though it is better to adopt rather than buy an animal, the simple fact is that there will always be a solid market for those who wish to choose their pets and prefer the option of buying. As such, Dr. Sara Elliott of British Veterinary Hospital shares ten key questions to ask when you’re thinking of making one of the biggest purchasing decisions of your life.

1. Where are the papers?
Ask to see the parents of the puppy, check any pedigree certificates if available and have a look at the parents within their home environment.
2. How old is the pup?
The dog needs to be at least 16 weeks old before it is socialised enough to be taken away from its parents.
3. How reputable is the breeder?
Your point of sale should be a licensed pet shop or a breeder registered with the Municipality.
4. How healthy are the other animals?
Check to see the health of the other puppies in the same litter and any other animals living in the same place. You do not want your new puppy exposed to sick animals in its infancy.
5. Any other animal exposure?
What other animals has your puppy been in contact with? This is important information to give the puppy’s new vet.
6. What vaccinations have been done?
Always demand a full inventory of the vaccinations that have already been given.
7. Can a vet examine the puppy?
If possible, have your new pet checked out by a licensed veterinarian before you purchase them.
8. Who is the original vet?
Ask for the contact details of the veterinary centre of your pup and its parents. In most cases you will need the permission of the breeder if they have been imported.
9. Is the puppy friendly?
This is one of the most important reasons for adoption, so bring along your family to ensure the pet interacts well and the decision is made as a group.
10. Did the puppy choose you?
It can be a good sign if you let your pet choose you. Often you will know as soon as you meet the pups which one you will be taking home, because he or she will gravitate towards you.

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