Teenage Musicians Listen Up!

Getting involved in the music industry in this day and age comes with many risks. It is a hard industry to get into and most of the time musicians are met with disappointment. However, there are teenagers with great potential to be musicians, who strive to get into the industry. They are determined to overcome all the obstacles they may face to achieve this goal. The most common way this is seen is when teenagers post their covers on social media to gain the initial recognition they need among their peers.
Along with the restrictions to get into the music industry come those of support. Every musician needs an ample amount of support from their friends and family as the pressures can become overwhelming. However, being in such a dicey career path, there are numerous doubts that creep in, and as any parent would, they worry whether their child is making the right choice. Personally as a musician who has often experienced rejection and disappointment, I can say that the passion that I and many of these other musicians have is what drives us and keeps us from giving up. All musicians need is support and encouragement. Two young musicians Rehan Jay and Dakshey Raj have the same things to say.
Rehan, a year twelve student in Turner Fenton SS and Dakshey a Law student at the University of Aberdeen have multiple things in common. They both started playing instruments at a young age and have always felt a connection to music. When asked, they both said that it was as though they were drawn to music and they felt that it was the best way to express themselves. Dakshey and Rehan both live abroad in the UK and Canada respectively and find managing their time so that they can stay in touch with music is one of the most challenging tasks. However, they both make the most of every opportunity they get.
Both Rehan and Dakshey have had an abundant amount of exposure. They both believe that doing shows in front of audiences is the best way to improve. Rehan has certificates in production, lighting and sound from JUNOs, Trinity College, his old school Gems Modern Academy in Dubai and his current school in Canada. Dakshey has participated in a number of school festivals and shows in India, gaining him ample amounts of experience.
As teenagers, it was very hard for Rehan and Dakshey to tell their parents about what they really wanted to pursue. However eventually they both did. At first their parents were a little hesitant as any parent would be, but they later realised how much music meant to both of them. Today with the support of their parents both Rehan and Dakshey are more successful than ever before.

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