Teenage Inventors That Changed The World

When we think of inventors, the picture of an old woman or man comes to your mind immediately, who’s spent his whole life in his office, trying to perfect his invention. But there are also very ambitious teens who’ve changed the world, too. For instance…


Superman Was Invented By High School Kids

Joe Schuster and Jerry Siegel changed the pop culture forever when the two students first conceived the Man of Steel in high school. When they first published a comic, their fictional superman was a creepy, evil-looking mentalist, before being reinvented as a hero for justice, truth and the American way.


The Inventors Of Hip Hop Were Age 12 and 19

Of course, hip-hop wasn’t invented out of the blue, but over a long period of time. Also, it has got many fathers, but two of the most prominent ones were a couple of kids in the 1970s.


A 15-Year-Old Invented The Snowmobile

Joseph Bombardier was born 1907 in Quebec, so he had to spend his winters trapped by massive snow drifts. That made him come up with the first snowmobile, which was built up of a souped up Model T his father gave him with a sleigh frame and a hand-whittled propeller. Later, he founded the world’s first snowmobile company and became one of Canada’s most successful men.


Sam Colt Invented The Revolver When He Was In His Late Teens

At the beginning of his life, Sam Colt was put in boarding school, where he was unpopular. So he made a crude firework and let it loose outside of the school. This had the expected results and made him popular until it burned down the school. After the school, Sam was still interested in explosives and soon thereafter, he had a light bulb moment when carving the initial design of a gun in the wood. Soon after, the first prototype was built and when he met Sam Walker, captain of the Texas Rangers, Colt’s company finally made a profit and has now sold over 30 million guns worldwide.


A 15-Year-Old Invented Braille

At the age of 3, Louis Braille cut his eye and ended up blind from a horrible infection. However, as he was living in France, he could attend the only school for blind kids at that time. But still, he only listened to the lectures and couldn’t read the books. So Louis had to invent his own system of writing. For that, he got inspired by a system called Sonography, developed by a french soldier. By age 15 he’d invented modern Braille- an entire alphabet that you can read by running your finger across it!

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