Tamer Al Masri Breaking Barriers: One T-Shirt at a Time

In 2007, high school graduate Tamer Al Masri and his friend, Michael Makdah, went down to a Friday market in Souq Jarain, Amman, Jordan. Six quirky designs, and 600 T-shirt sales later, the pair decided to co-found a clothing company called Jobedu.
Although having pursued computer science and international studies degrees, the two realigned their fields, and took the leap. They had to learn everything they could about the business, including production, IT, accounting, supply chain management and much more. Learning all aspects of the business has been a very rich experience, and, after seeing the amount of excitement and joy the brand brought to the community, they knew they had to expand.
Tamer Al Masri Breaking Barriers: One T-Shirt at a Time

The inspiration that Al Masri and Makdah found was built on a passion for art and marketing. They wanted to fashion a creative Arab brand inspired by their roots, the Bedouins. The company believes that all cultures need to be celebrated and highlighted. One of Jobedu’s core values is to be open and connected to all cultures and traditions, and so the two founders are always trying to reach out to more and more countries.

The quirky designs often contain words in Arabic, and reference pop culture that’s widely recognised in the Arab
world. When Jobedu first began, the designers used to sit together, have long brainstorming sessions, come up with
concepts and work together on making it happen. Now, the company welcomes design submissions from around the
region on its website, in an effort to support talent from Arabic designers and artists from around the GCC. Artists often face difficulties getting ideas across within the region, and Jobedu wants to be the creative platform that makes it easier for them. When prompted as to why they picked T-shirts, Al Masri responds, “Because who doesn’t love a cool T-shirt! Everyone has one and we want Jobedu to be everybody’s favourite.”


Tamer Al Masri Breaking Barriers: One T-Shirt at a Time


You can check out Jobedu’s cool and unique designs on the company website. Its merchandise is now selling at Virgin
Megastores, Hollywood Collections and Collector’s Place at Dubai Mall.

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