Stay on Top of Your Health Game This Ramadan

During Ramadan you’ll see people tend to make the most of the community spirit, indulge in delicious Iftars and Suhours, and become night owls with malls open to late hours. Another trend, for those who fast, is breaking their usual health and fitness routines by eating more and training less.

Yes, it won’t be an easy task but that should not be an excuse to stop eating healthy and working out appropriately. Nutritionist Mirna Sabbagh shares her top tips to help you stay motivated to maintain a balanced diet, be active, and track your progress with Apple Watch during the month of Ramadan.

Tip 1: Maintain a caloric balance, a rule that applies all year, especially during Ramadan. The key to a healthy daily life is consuming a number of calories our body is burning. If you want to eat more and not gain weight then make sure to exercise more. Use apps like Lose it! which helps you set a goal, track your food and exercise, and connect you to a like-minded community.


Tip 2: Limit your self to “one” treat per day and try to walk it off at the mall. The biggest mall in the world has its fitness benefits! For air-conditioned low-intensity cardio before Iftar, walk in Dubai Mall for an hour, a few times a week and track your progress. Use an Apple Watch to count your steps, calories and monitor your heart rate.


Tip 3: Swap fried for baked and reduce the calories from the added oils. Not only are you saving calories, but you’re also reducing how thirsty you will be the next day.


Tip 4: Have whole grain bread instead of white bread. They both have the same amount of calories but brown bread can make you fuller for longer making it a smarter choice.


Tip 5: Replace Jallab, Tamarind and fruit juices with fresh fruits.


Tip 6: Drink your fluids. Many times our body sends hunger cues when they are actually thirst cues. So make sure to stay hydrated and set a reminder. Download the WaterMinder app that will help you track your water intake based on your body weight and remind you to drink water. On average, you’re meant to have 8 glasses of water everyday. (But not all at once!)

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