Spider-Man has Come Home – To Stay this Time

So you know all those memes about the destruction rained down on New York City by the Avengers? Marvel not only addressed those complaints, they blew them out of the water by building the story arc of Spider-Man Homecoming on it.


Spider-Man Homecoming is probably my favourite Marvel film thus far. It is funny, witty, real and relatable, especially for younger audiences who may not quite have grown up with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man or connected with Andrew Garfield’s rather confident hero. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is inarguably a socially awkward science geek, infatuated with the most popular cheerleader in the school. Marvel has managed to capture Peter Parker’s coming-of-age with some quintessential American high-school moments and they balance this well with his hero double life.


During the film’s pre release marketing phase, plenty of people including me, were worried about the movie turning out to be “Iron Man Homecoming ft. Spider-Man”. However, Robert Downey Jr. put that to rest with a strong off-screen presence accentuating his brief moments on the screen. Despite a few bumps on the way, Tony Stark nailed his mentorship role for Peter and even contributed to the character development of the Vulture, the villain of the film.


Also, a huge shoutout to the evolving female characters in the film. Aunt May’s character was upgraded from a shuddering old lady to someone who plays more of an integral sister role in Peter’s life: they take care of each other. Michelle Jones is presented as a complicated character who has an interest in Peter, but is not overly infatuated. Marvel has done a good job of setting her up as a non-canonical version of MJ from the comics, but we have to see how that plays out in the next movie. Progressively, there is no dramatic content attached to Liz’s ethnicity – Peter’s love interest.


The music in the film was a step-up from the previous Marvel films, which can be described as ordinary, or even forgetful. See this video essay for more insights: 

Michael Giacchino did a good job with working the theme from the original Spider-Man TV series into the movie: it was nostalgic and provided a sense of identity to the otherwise decent soundtrack.

Overall, it was a fast-paced, enjoyable film and a much-deserved reboot of the character. The twists at the end of the movie promises unchartered territory for Peter, and I am eagerly looking forward to Holland’s next appearance in the MCU.

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