SOS : Secrecy Over Supremacy

SOS Music is a Dubai-based hip-hop group. On first impressions, you may think SOS (Secrecy Over Supremacy) is one heck of a name for this young and fast-rising group. But you’ll have to wait for them to educate you on the true meaning of their name and how they came about to really get it. We catch up with the group to find out more.
Tell us about SOS Music. How did you guys meet?
Well, back in 2013, our brother by the name Tyler Fray was the one who started the group and came up with the meaning behind SOS. Unfortunately his time on this earth got limited and he passed away in February, 2014. The group now comprises four artists; we met in Knowledge Village during our time at university. Our investor and mentor attended a music festival where we were individually performing in late 2014, and thought it would be great to see all of us in a group. As a group, we have no lead singer, and our mentor and manager are heavily involved in decision making and creating a sense of direction for the band.
Growing up, who would you say influenced your music the most?
As individuals we all had different musical influences. Therefore, as a group, our influences come from a range of artists with different of sounds. Genres such as rap, hip-hop, RnB, reggae, dancehall, Afro-beats, grime and pop stand out to us and therefore a lot of those sounds will transpire in our music through a genre we call “Ufro”—Urban-Afro fusion.
What is the future of hip-hop music in the UAE and the Middle East in general?
The music scene in general in the UAE is moving towards a positive direction. As far as the Middle East, music has always had a positive impact and we just hope to be the leading pioneers in creating an industry. Furthermore, we hope to branch out and collaborate with other musicians in different industries in order to expand and attract other listeners and supporters who can help grow our own industry.
SOS has been featured on BBC Radio Asia and has also performed at a hip-hop showcase here in Dubai. What does it feel like to be featured regionally as well as internationally?
Honestly it feels great, and again it is a privilege to be featured on such high platforms and also in your magazine.
It goes on to reaffirm our goal to be a group from Dubai that is able to make music that cuts across globally.
How often do you get together to perfect your craft?
If it’s not every day in person, then we stay connected through social media and always keep each other up to date with not only the music but with everything else that relates to the craft. We try to keep our timing scheduled as we have way too much work to do, so whether it’s just brainstorming ideas, setting goals or writing and recording music, we try to meet up as much as we can and stay busy.
The group comprises individuals from different nationalities. Do you experience any cultural shocks or differences when working together?
Well I wouldn’t say so, because if you look at the group, despite the fact that we are of different nationalities, we are pretty open-minded people. In addition, we understand the diversities in a place like Dubai, and so at the end of the day we do what’s best for the group with respect to each other, without having an autonomous leader. As the saying goes, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”
Where do you see the group five years from now?
Ideally, we would like to say that in five years, with the grace from God, we will have been able to execute our current plans and continue to produce quality music. Our work ethic and hopes are high, and we move forward maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook. No-one is ever completely certain of what the future holds but we strongly believe in the meaning behind SOS—work hard in silence and let success do the talking. We hope, in five years, the amount of work we put in will in turn reflect the level of success we attain. Great things are on the horizon.
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