Shaheer Akbar: Design and Visual Artist

Crisp, moving and ethereal are the words we would use to describe Shaheer’s Instagram account. Abu Dhabi native, Shaheer Akbar is a Media Communications student studying at Full Sail University in Florida, who was involved in media production since he was twelve years old. So one can say that he has a natural and very personal experience and journey within this field. Having a great eye for visual content and elements, Shaheer is able to view the world in a completely unique and wonderful perspective right out of a thought using just his imagination. Perhaps he gets it from his father who also enjoyed photography as a young adult.Akbar finds inspiration from extremely passionate people in his life such as content creators around the world, movies, books, music and all things distinctive.
Like all creators he is constantly researching what methods, technique and styles different artists have used to get the final result for their work. He believes that inspiration can be found anywhere, you just have to appreciate and look closely at what you’re viewing. When viewing Akbar’s work one can see a mix of photography and digital edits that have been used to create a graceful effect which creates a very personal connection with a viewer.
One instantly feels inspired, motivated and rather calm. In the future, Shaheer hopes to become a creative artistic director, where he would be able to incorporate his love for photography and digital editing into his work. He is also highly skilled in video editing, filming and motion graphics. To sum it up, we see him providing great visual content for generations to come, and leaving behind a positive and meaningful impact on the world.
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