Sara Naim: Photographer

Sara Naim is a New York based photographer who spent much of her early life in Dubai. Her interest in photography was ignited during a high school session where she had the opportunity to learn black and white darkroom photography, which was all it took. “I fell in love during my first class,” she tells one8one.


Photography by itself comprises of a broad spectrum of sub divisions. When asked what it is about the art that captured her attention, she replies, “For me the interest comes from what photography can do as a medium in itself, its failures and successes, questions of photography and truth, and its ability to preserve moments.”


Her favourite subjects involve the most bizarre yet intriguing themes – she has captured sound vibrations progressing through milk, dead skin cells and light trapped in photographic negatives to mention a few. Yet, all her pictures seem to speak, silently provoking ideas in the viewers’ minds. Her work on sound vibrations, for instance, has a dual meaning; not only does it capture the essence of sound waves rippling through a liquid but it also brings to life the symphony composed by Beethoven – which in itself speaks of the moonlight’s reflection off the Austrian Lake. “For the past few years my work has discussed notions of the intangible. I’ve photographed dead skin cells, sound vibrations, light, and at the moment words. I find it interesting how photography can visualize the typically invisible,” she says.

“For me the interest comes from what photography can do as a medium in itself… “


When asked how difficult it is to get established as a professional photographer, she responds, “Its a competitive industry, as all industries seem to be. It requires a lot of self-motivation, as no one will tell you to work on your projects from nine to five. Its a balance between that and doing freelance commercial projects to support the expenses of making your own art.”


Sara has unveiled shows in France, London, Guernsey, Cologne and several in Dubai. Her parents have always been supportive of her art and she says, “My parents always supported my decisions and they’re proud that I followed my passion. Though art isn’t a typical path for most Arabs, they knew that with ambition comes success, whatever the chosen career is.”

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