Samung Galaxy S4

This month we’ve got our hands on three extremely well-built devices from HTC, Samsung and Nokia. Read on what Stereohead had to say about his time with the big Android players the HTC One andSamsung Galaxy S4; and check out how easy Nokia Lumia 720 was to use for Natasha.


Samsung Galaxy S4- the phone that is all over the place, talked by almost everyone and anticipated by all; this phone is Samsung’s latest baby. As expected, the latest Galaxy is filled to the max with all the fastest and greatest tech with a specs list that could put any other competitor to shame.


Let’s start with hardware, the phone is a slight departure from the previous generation S3 and is visually very close in resemblance to it. Samsung managed to slim the S4 down to a mere 7.9 mm while increasing its display to 5”. Speaking of display, keeping true to itself, Samsung went with their SuperAMOLED technology at a notably higher resolution 1920×1080 resulting in 441 PPI. The thing about AMOLED is its colours are over saturated and it is barely visible in direct sunlight. After comparing the S4 to HTC One and iPhone 5, which both use IPS display technology, the S4 was dim and therefore harder to use in bright daylight.


When it comes to the OS, Galaxy S4 runs on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with its latest TouchWiz skin on top. Let me say, the S4 is full of features; some of those features would probably never be used by many. I must say, however, that having the ability to track your activity levels and food intake with S Health or being able to pause a video the moment you look away is rather cool. The other thing I liked was previewing items on the screen without touching the actual phone. This can be very handy when your hands are dirty.


The camera packs 13 MP with a stack of options for editing as well as a dual shot functionality, where both cameras could be used to capture the views from both sides at the same time. It’s quirky and can be a lot of fun.


Overall, this device is a beast; the camera has 13 MP, there are more features than one can imagine and the screen is gigantic for this category of smartphones. The drawbacks, however, are the presence of SuperAMOLED screen with its over saturated, unrealistic colours and bad visibility outdoors. The plastic body of the phone makes Galaxy S4 feel cheaper than competition when held in hand. In the end, the S4 is a great device with a long list of interesting features, however I do wish Samsung starts to move away from the use of plastic when building


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