Roundtable Session With Chef Tarek Ibrahim

How often do you get to meet a celebrity chef and taste his dish? On July 13, Spinneys held an exclusive cooking demonstration and a round-table session with acclaimed Chef Tarek Ibrahim.
Masterchef Tarek Ibrahim wanted to organise a special seminar to dispel myths about the beef that you consume. Chef Ibrahim, who represents Meat and Livestock Australia, begins with an exhortation. “I urge everyone to read,” he says. “I’m not where I am because I’m smart, but because I read a lot.

He asks the audience whether beef was all the same. Everybody answers in the negative.
When we talk about beef, we have to really understand a few things,” says Chef Ibrahim. “Breed, feed regime, the age of the animal, ageing of the carcass, temperament, the cuts, the cooking methods, condiments and other flavour inputs.
Then he begins to demonstrate the right way to cut your beef and which part of the beef is the best for creating a tender steak. There is a rule of thumb when it comes to meat cuts are fairly simple, striploin, cube roll and tenderloin are very versatile. And contrary to popular opinion, tougher parts of the animal, like the knuckle can yield flavourful steaks.

Chef Ibrahim went on to explain how good temperature affects the quality of the meat.  He also states that ageing tenderises the meat. He didn’t only serve the true Aussie beef steaks but also organic leeks, corn carrots from Australia, roasted to perfection, along with it. He served his carrots by mixing it with milk and butter, making it like the consistency of mashed potato.
Don’t ever be a chef that just seeks a recipe,” says Chef Ibrahim, concluding the seminar. “Read, investigate and experiment, and find out what works for you.

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