A picture tells a thousand words; it tells a story, one that can evoke numerous different emotions. The dramatic photography exhibition ‘Roof Knocking’ by Celia Peterson at the Art Plus Gallery in Dubai documents stories of the thousands of people displaced and affected by the war in Gaza in 2014.


Held in support of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) and the Pediatric Cancer Department in Gaza, the exhibition opens on Sunday, 22 March 2015 from 7 – 10pm, and will be on display until Tuesday, 31 March 2015 from 9-6pm.


In 2013 the PCRF opened the first public Pediatric Cancer Department in the West Bank. The non-profit organization aims to raise USD 4 million in total to be able to build a similar fully operational department in Gaza.


Speaking about the exhibition, Celia Peterson, photographer for the series said: “Roof Knocking is a testament to over 17,000 people whose homes and life belongings were destroyed due to war. The powerful images depict the suffering that people of Gaza endured and are still enduring for no fault of their own. I hope that these images can help to raise awareness about their suffering and encourage people to support those who are affected by war.”


Steve Sosebee, Co-founder and CEO of the PCRF comments: “Roof Knocking is a word that is so strongly associated with war and suffering, especially in the region. It not only signifies loss of materialistic belongings; the pictures you’ll see as part of the exhibition accurately depict how war caused over thousands of people to uproot their lives that they’ve worked so hard to build. We are extremely grateful to Celia for her work that will not only raise awareness about the plight of the people of Gaza, but will also support PCRF in making a difference.”

For more information about ‘Roof Knocking’ photography exhibition, or how to support the PCRF, please visit www.pcrf.net

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