Romanian One Hit Wonders: Dan Balan

Not everyone knows exactly who Dan Balan is, but when asked if they know about the Chica Bom dance girls, there is a definite light bulb moment. Dan Balan was originally part of the band O-Zone, which many recognize by their song Dragostea Din Tei, which, despite being in Romanian, managed to work its way up several music charts worldwide. Dan has now become a solo name and Chica Bom has become the first song he has released under the official artist name of Dan Bălan. Talented singer Katie DiCicco features in the music video and Dan has managed to accumulate 20 million views on YouTube for his music video. Dan has unveiled plans for two new singles that will be released later on in the year. Considering the extreme popularity of Chica Bom, it is unlikely fans will be disappointed.

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