Robbie Williams Thrills

An electrified audience of 20,000 celebrated the ultimate showman Robbie Williams as his Let Me Entertain You show wowed the crowds at du Arena last month.

Opening with his global chart hit, Let Me Entertain You, the star whipped the audience into a frenzy from the very start with his raw energy and stage persona. Showcasing his engaging dance moves, vocal range and wild style, the British star’s exceptional performance was lifted even higher by his striking backing singers and on-screen graphics, all tinged with his uniquely cheeky humour.

“Williams had the crowd in the palm of his hand during the entire performance.”


Through his two-hour set of pure energy, Williams picked out every highlight of his extensive back catalogue, including Angels, Rock DJ, Feel, and Millennium, to name but a few.
A few moments before Williams walked out on stage, a large screen flashed the words, “Marhaba (Arabic for hello). Are you there? I can’t hear you. Let me entertain you,” and the crowd roared with excitement. Everyone at the jam-packed arena was on their feet, ready to dance.

Williams had the crowd in the palm of his hand during the entire performance. The entire arena was pumping with adrenaline, as fans knew they were in for a treat, and Williams did not disappoint. This had to be one of the loudest and best live performances that Abu Dhabi has ever experienced.

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