Revive Your Hair

You’ve damaged your hair… I know, I know. You got excited over your new straightener, dyed your hair a few too many times, or stayed under the sun for too long. Good news! You can repair your hair without having to chop it off. Although the only way is to achieve complete repair is to trim your hair, you can still add some flexibility, shine and strength with these easy tricks. I used to blow dry my hair every day for a year and it got terribly dried up. Since I didn’t want short hair, I searched everywhere to find a treatment or solution to make my hair soft again.

Follow any of these tips if you have fried hair:

Rinse your hair with a cup of milk. Keep it on for 20 minutes then shower off; make sure to wash your hair really well. You will feel the difference in your hair immediately. Before I tried this my hair was so dry that even a hurricane wouldn’t move my hair out of place, but after I applied milk for the first time, my hair became so soft that it would fly without any wind!

Mix a few drops of olive oil with yogurt. Be careful not to put too much oil in order not to have greasy hair. Keep the mixture on for 20 minutes then wash with shampoo.

Mix egg whites with water and honey and apply to damp hair. Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Sounds nasty, but I heard that this really works! Spread mayonnaise on your hair overnight and then rinse in the morning.

Try to use the lowest heat setting on your straightener and after swimming in salt or chlorine water shampoo your hair as soon as possible, this will stop the salt or chlorine drying your hair too much.

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