Restaurant Review: Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor


Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor is a fine dining restaurant that serves Indian cuisine prepared by the celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s personally trained Chefs! Any person that claims to be Indian knows of Sanjeev Kapoor as the most renowned Indian chef who has bagged several awards, author of at least a dozen cook books, host of numerous TV shows and a person who will always have a special place in our hearts.



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While we were greeted and seated by the host, we quickly had a look at the extensive menu and decided it would be best to simply be wowed by Head Chef Chandrachur. While we waited we were given an assortment of six chutneys and sauces which were to be enjoyed with papads which are thin, crisp, disc-shaped crackers made of lentils and legumes. To drink we ordered the refreshing Passion Fruit Pana which was made of 7 simple ingredients and packs a slight punch courtesy of green chilies. For starters we were surprised with a mixed platter of Masala Chaas Rubiyan which is beautifully cooked soft yogurt patties infused with masala flavoured buttermilk, we also received a serving of Rumani Paneer Kararey which is freshly grilled cottage cheese tikka with layers of fenugreek leaf pesto. The platter included Silky Red Grills which is basically a grilled beetroot patty served with a sour cream foam. After trying the starters we were given this amazing sizzling palate cleanser which was made of crushed citrus flavoured ice pops that were to die for. The entire experience of it coming to your table in a smoky white plate, to you eating it was simply amazing.



For the mains Chef Chandrachur made us Saag E Bia which is slow cooked mustard and spinach leaves cooked with black eyed beans. Sounds pretty boring right? But it was quite the opposite as it was something expectedly great. In addition you won’t get the “green leafy” taste that absolutely nobody likes. We were also served Paneer Papad Ki Tokri, which is scrambled cottage cheese and bell peppers in a poppadum basket, and obviously this was amazing. Cottage cheese usually always steals the show as it is soft, delicious and takes on the flavour of the gravy that it is cooked in. Lastly we were given the very well know Dal Makhani which they called Lalla Mussa Dal. This is the dal that all future lentil stews (dals) will be compared to, it truly was the talk of the town! All the mains were served with hand rolled breads that were pretty standard and delicious.  


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Now for the best part, aka the desserts, we were given some amazing and innovative ways of presenting and eating the traditional Indian sweets. We had an order of the Electric Kulfi which was simply delicious as it was made of crispy fried kulfi with a pistachio falooda and guess what? Pop rocks that start bursting in your mouth while you eat!! How crazy is that!? We also had a Gulaab Jambun which is a fried pastry dough dunked with rose syrup and encased in white chocolate mound. The server then comes and pours warm dark chocolate and you are left with a pool of different chocolate sauces and a doughy pastry in the middle.


Platos. Restaurante Signature.

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Signature truly shows you why Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is like an Indian god when it comes to food and hospitality, as he truly knows how to change the game. If you want to experience Indian food but better with all the theatrics and wonderful experiences to remember then you must go to Signature.


Location: Melia Hotel, Mankhool

Investment: AED 330 for 2

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