Restaurant Review of Saladicious

If you started following a healthy diet routine this summer and are afraid to go out with your friends and have a satisfying yet healthy three-course meal outside, think again. Saladicious serves all kinds of food starting from breakfast crepes to angus beef steak to satisfying desserts. The best part is that they’re all cooked for you with the right amount of nutrition that is required in your diet.



Watermelon Sensation: This refreshing drink was a blend of peach, kiwi and watermelon. Despite having no added sugar, it had a hint of sweetness.

Apple Berry : It justifies its name as it’s the right combination of apple and berries – perfect combination for a hot summer day.

Strawberry Ice Tea: seems ordinary at the top but you can taste the sweetness of the strawberry when stirred

Mixed Berries Low-Fat Yoghurt Smoothie: This drink is fresh and refreshing. You can taste the tang and the right amount of natural sweetness from all the berries.




Temptation Salad:
The salad was a wonderful mix of grilled brie cheese, strawberries, lettuce and caramelised walnuts. It was a wholesome and filling meal with a touch of cheese to satisfy your cravings.

Asian Quinoa salad: a bowl of wholesome goodness made up of protein packed quinoa and chicken, along with creamy avocado and fresh rocket leaves. The dish had a tangy, Thai edge to it and left our taste buds well sated.




Spicy Spinach Crepe: You read right! The unheard combination of spinach and crepe with caramelised onions and mushroom was a surprising delight.


Main Course:

Pepper Beef Steak: Want to satisfy your cravings on a cheat day with no regrets? This is the right dish to go for. The steak was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The beef was extremely tender and just melts in your mouth and the pepper sauce served with it compliments the beef perfectly.




Chocolate Mousse: Have a sweet tooth but want to start eating healthy? This dark chocolate, sugar free dessert is perfect for you!

Latte Cake: This delicious dessert is light, fluffy and has just the right amount of cream. The sponge melts in your mouth as it is soaked in three kinds of milk. It’s just perfect for a cheat day!

Sorbet (Mango and Chocolate-Coconut): Following such a healthy (satisfying) meal, it would seem a shame to indulge in calorie-filled dessert. Luckily, Saladicious boasts an innovating range of desserts perfect for the weight-watchers and gym-goers. The sorbets were served with an earthy aesthetic – a hollow orange filled with zesty mango sorbet and a coconut shell filled with a light chocolate-coconut sorbet. They were packed with flavour and the mango sorbet a must-try for fruit lovers.

Healthy Bites : Quinoa and Brownies? Sweet Potato and Cupcakes? Or even Mango and Chocolate – the chefs at saladicious have out done themselves with these finger licking creations that are low fat, low calorie and super tasty.


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