Restaurant Review: CLAW BBQ

Looking to taste the best American Diner in the city? Look no further, Claw Barbecue is exactly what you’re looking for, and it is located in the charming Souk Al Bahar in Dubai. The restaurant offers a great variety of food ranging from Seafood (as the name says) to juicy burgers and BBQ chicken along with almost impossible to complete challenges.

CLAW BBQ’s interior truly reflects American vibes with its décor, furniture and neon lights. The staff are very welcoming, energetic and make sure to makeyou feel comfortable. Not only did we get to enjoy the mouth-watering food offered to us but also got to talk to the manager, head chef and waiters.

First, we had to decide what drinks to order, which wasn’t an easy choice, but at the end, we had three mojitos that came in a cute mason jar. For the appetisers, we ordered Guacamole and chips along with a cold Shrimp Cocktail. Around fifteen minutes later, the Guacamole was prepared to our preference right in front of us.

The texture of it at the end was very creamy and tasty, especially with the corn chips. The shrimp cocktail was extremely delicious paired with its spicy sauce. We went on to order a classic hamburgerwhich came with extra toppings,​ ​smoked BBQ chicken, and Southern Fried Chicken.​ ​The food came and we could alreadytaste the delicious burger. We ordered a medium and the meat was cooked perfectly. The French fries on the sidewere perfectly crisp and cooked perfect.​ ​

To round up our menu perfectly, we dared to order a monstrous milkshake. The plan was to share it as we were already full, but that plan failed when three of them were given to us! You could see a huge shake with chocolate sauce, with a tower of whipped cream and M​&​M’s​ on top, and as an extra, there was a brownie sticking at the edge of the glass. It nearly looked too beautiful to eat it, just nearly. With every sip, it only kept getting better, (though we couldn’t finish that treat). It definitely is worth a try!

In General, CLAW BBQ is an alternative to the high-class restaurants with not only reasonably priced food which is appetising but also extremely friendly staff who will definitely make the entire experience worthwhile.

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