Ready to Bounce?

Since Bounce’s hugely successful introduction to Melbourne three years ago, Ross Milton, the man behind, above and around the indoor-trampoline haven, has been planning to bring the experience to Dubai. It is finally here.





Bounce Dubai is a colourful factory of black latex platforms that allow you to hop around as high as your heart can imagine and your stomach will allow. The eighty-six trampoline facility has a capacity of more than one hundred people. There is no age limit on the fun that Bounce Dubai offers. We went to check it out, and here is what we had to say:





If you’re up for some unadulterated fun and a great way to work out, then make sure you check out Bounce. You certainly won’t regret it.




Rida Ghouse

Bounce is a unique way of having fun and actually working out. Definitely coming here again!




Muhammed Fahad

Bounce gives you the chance to let your inner wild child out by jumping around without anyone screaming “Stop it, you will break the bed/sofa.”




Ishak Yashin

I had the best experience ever and the staff was amazing. Dodgeball was my favourite spot over there. I’m glad I went.




Moazzam Nizami

Dogdeball on trampolines is like the best idea ever. It was absolutely incredible. I’m definitely coming back for round two.




Marvee Brohi

I was really looking forward to going to Bounce and it exceeded all my expectations. I’m certainly coming here again.




Clyde Aguiar

It was a fun experience. It was something new to try out and the atmosphere was great.




Adil Salim

It was an absolutely amazing experience, but, honestly, it was all a bit up and down for me.


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