21+We’ve ventured into QBara while attending a preview of Michael Jackson’s new album and we couldn’t help but be simply fascinated with the place.


The interior is heavily inspired by African motives and can be described as one of a kind. The interior features a massive wall that looks as if it’s built out of many wooden Arabic doors. That is the centrepiece of the whole venue; it’s used as a screen for amazing projections that tell stories, show elegant silhouettes dancing to the music and create illusions that make one feel the walls is, in fact, a stack of doors that keep on opening and closing inviting you to peek in.


Needless to say, we were so fascinated with the ambience we absolutely had to stay for dinner. We had seafood and a vegetarian dinner. Let’s just say, the quality of the food matched the venue. Our char-grilled salmon was heavenly, nearly tempting our vegetarian friend to ask for a taste.


To sum it up, QBara is definitely a place to go to with a friend. It’s ambiance is equal to none as you will find yourself simply staring into the visuals, that can leave you mesmerised. We are definitely going back for more.

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