As a dog-less dog lover, I want nothing more than a fluffy best friend. However, dogs aren’t made out of sunshine and rainbows like I once thought! And well, that’s because something awful known as inbreeding exists. It’s a very common and horrific phenomenon when it comes to pure breeds. Inbreeding of dogs is a result of mating dogs from the same family. It can occur in close relations like siblings or even distant relatives.

Inbreeding is not only considered unethical but also dangerous to a puppy’s health. It limits the gene pool which results in a lack of genetic variation. This increases the susceptibility of a breed to certain diseases and weakens their immune system. As a result of inbreeding, purebred dogs face a number of other problems such as lower intelligence levels and reduced fertility rates. Furthermore, inbred dogs are harder to train and have an aggressive nature.

Inbreeding is considered unethical because it’s done on the pretence of meeting vague specifications on how a certain breed should look in order to win dog show competitions. To make matters worse, there’s a high demand for purebred dogs. But people need to understand the real implications of buying pure-breeds in order to reduce its demand.

On the other hand, mutts are a mix of several breeds which makes them healthier but also able to adapt to different situations more easily. K9 Friends in Dubai is just one example of a shelter full of mixed breeds just waiting for another chance to be a member of a loving family. Therefore, the better alternative is to adopt abandoned dogs from animal shelters across UAE.

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